Wallaroo.AI + NewtonX Advance AI Adoption with Lessons from Chief Data Officers

Wallaroo.AI and NewtonX help organizations accelerate machine learning (ML) adoption, overcome challenges, and scale ML models in production by sharing actionable lessons and best practices from successful Chief Data Officers (CDOs).


Market research insights


Lessons and best practices from the perspective of Chief Data Officers leading ML in enterprise organizations

Machine learning (ML) is increasingly essential to businesses, from fraud detection to personalized customer experiences to product recommendations. But ML complexity poses a significant challenge, especially in putting ML models into production and scaling them to handle massive volumes of data. That responsibility often falls on one leader: the Chief Data Officer (CDO).

Wallaroo.AI, a software platform for ML in production, sought to gather actionable ML lessons and advice from CDOs who are leading the way in ML adoption. The company would share these insights in a thought leadership report to help organizations and CDOs overcome hurdles and unlock the full potential of ML. The findings would also inform Wallaroo.AI’s platform development, ensuring that it addresses the challenges ML leaders face.



Respondent quality


Empowering Wallaroo.AI with insights from Chief Data Officers experienced in deploying and scaling ML models

Wallaroo.AI chose NewtonX as its B2B market research partner to find and engage with CDOs and technical decision-makers with hands-on experience in deploying and scaling ML models in enterprise organizations. Wallaroo.AI was also drawn to NewtonX’s expertise in AI and ML research. The NewtonX Strategic Insights team’s depth of experience and understanding of the latest advancements, trends, and challenges in AI and ML added value to the survey design and to the quality of insights.

In just 12 days, NewtonX fielded the survey and collected data from 100 qualified CDOs. All were from enterprise-level companies in the United States and held critical roles in data science, AI or ML. Perhaps most importantly, only professionals with ML models in production and who were responsible for business outcomes were considered for the survey.

With the data in hand, NewtonX’s Strategic Insights team analyzed and synthesized the findings, culminating in a comprehensive final report with takeaways and key insights.


Chief Data Officers surveyed in 12 days

We knew NewtonX had a reputation for being able to find and verify the right professional. What really blew us away was the speed at which they fielded the survey… Truly one of the best research partners we could have chosen.

Pamela Sufi
Head of Marketing at Wallaroo.AI



Quant report


A thought leadership report filled with best practices from the vantage point of Chief Data Officers


Wallaroo.ai CDO survey


The result was an advice-driven report, Lessons from the Leading Edge: Machine Learning Best Practices and Challenges from Chief Data Officers Already in Production, with best practices from Chief Data Officers leading the charge in their enterprise organizations’ production ML endeavors. The findings were published in “Enterprises see AI as a worthwhile investment,” published by Help Net Security, a cybersecurity publication with over 350,000 readers per month. 

“The significance of this report cannot be overstated. As this research shows, investment in machine learning is expected to at least double in the next three years, while models are projected to scale upwards of five-fold. The implications of such rapid growth and expansion are profound, placing intense pressure on Chief Data Officers,” said Patiwat Panurach, VP of Strategic Insights and Analytics at NewtonX. “In a landscape where knowledge is power, this report, which is based on the expertise of the enterprise leaders shaping the future of machine learning, will enrich the strategies for other Chief Data Officers, and help them build a robust foundation for the ML-powered future.”

NewtonX’s ability to reach verified production ML decision-makers ensured that the key takeaways were both relevant and actionable.

“The report would only be as impactful as the insights they were based on,” said Pamela Sufi, Head of Marketing at Wallaroo.AI. “We knew NewtonX had a reputation for being able to find and verify the right professional. What really blew us away was the speed at which they fielded the survey, cutting the timeline of our thought leadership content production schedule while maintaining the credibility and relevance of the findings. Truly one of the best research partners we could have chosen.”

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