Optera + NewtonX build toward a net zero future with insights from sustainability leaders

The path to net zero is progressing but paved with challenges. Optera and NewtonX surveyed 80 sustainability leaders to benchmark programs and help companies reduce emissions.



Challenge: Seeking specialized insights from advertisers

With climate action a priority for corporations, Optera seeks to aid sustainability leaders in reducing corporate emissions

Optera, a leading sustainability and carbon management software company, knows that businesses are making progress in reducing their carbon emissions. Yet obstacles persist. Sustainability leaders face a multitude of challenges within their companies that hold them back from taking decisive climate action.

The volatile macroeconomic climate delays and limits resources for environmental initiatives, even with executive interest. New regulations require major sustainability program development, no matter the resource constraints. And, effectively addressing Scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain) requires organizational departments and partners to collaborate on gathering data and creating action plans.

By understanding and validating how these challenges impact emission reduction progress within large companies, Optera would help corporate sustainability leaders navigate a complex and evolving landscape. Tapping into the insights from these leaders and practitioners would also inform Optera’s product roadmap. The goal: develop collaborative solutions to help drive progress toward a decarbonized future.



Delivery: Custom recruiting for high-stakes brand tracking

NewtonX delivered survey data from 80+ verified sustainability leaders with influence in carbon management software decisions

Optera partnered with NewtonX to gain insights from sustainability experts and practitioners. The collaboration ensured that Optera obtained firsthand knowledge from decision-makers experienced in leading emissions reduction initiatives within enterprise organizations.

NewtonX surveyed 80 qualified sustainability professionals within just 16 days. This diverse group of respondents hailed from various industries, and all were from companies with annual revenues exceeding $500 million. These leaders held decision-making roles, with 70% occupying director-level positions or higher, and all were well-versed in greenhouse gas emissions and involved in selecting sustainability software for their organizations.

NewtonX analyzed and synthesized the findings, culminating in a comprehensive final analysis comprising specific takeaways and recommendations for the Optera team.



sustainability leaders surveyed in just 16 days

Our partnership with NewtonX helped us to create a credible, relevant, and actionable trends report that will help these practitioners benchmark their own programs and create greater impact within their companies and for the planet.

Katie Oakes
VP of Marketing at Optera

Solution: Specific and dynamic brand tracking in a rapidly changing market

With NewtonX insights, Optera released a groundbreaking trends report on sustainable practices and emission reduction strategies

Optera leveraged NewtonX insights to launch an industry trends report, Corporate Emissions in 2023: Top Challenges & Priorities for Large Organizations, shedding light on the accelerating momentum in corporate sustainability and emissions management. 

The report emphasizes the crucial role of collaboration across networks and value chains to effectively combat climate change. It uncovered a shift towards more mature stages in corporate programs, encompassing Scope 3 emissions measurement, navigating regulatory changes, and achieving ambitious reduction targets. The report also highlighted significant challenges in data management and emissions reduction at the corporate level. 

“Our research revealed that, despite the complex challenges sustainability leaders face within large companies, corporate emissions management is reaching a new level of maturity as companies increasingly move past initial emissions inventories into managing actual reduction efforts across their value chains. But as these programs mature, these leaders need tools, resources, and company buy-in to succeed,” said Katie Oakes, VP of Marketing at Optera.


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