How NewtonX insights powered an oil giant’s multi-billion dollar investment in sustainability

A top energy company came to NewtonX for insights on their decarbonization initiatives. They needed verified C-suite-level insights to anchor strategic decisions about investing billions in sustainability and renewable energy.


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The challenge of making strategic decisions on sustainability investments

ESG concerns are high on everyone’s mind today. While all are responsible, energy companies face more pressure than most to show timely and measurable change. To enact this change, our client pledged nearly 50% of their yearly revenue – over $10 Billion – in sustainability and renewable energy investments for the next 5 years. To invest in confidence, our client needed to speak to globally-leading C-suite executives in the sustainability space. The problem is, reliable B2B research is near impossible to do well – the industry is ripe with fraud. In niche spaces like sustainability, it becomes even more difficult. With billions of dollars on the line, our client needed a B2B research partner who could deliver timely fraud-free research to jumpstart their bold investment plans.


Global recruitment


NewtonX found 24 global C-suite sustainability leaders in only 12 days

NewtonX delivered for this niche project where other market research firms could not. By leveraging the NewtonX Graph, we scanned thousands of potential executives in North America and Europe. Through harnessing our open network, we were able to Custom Recruit 24 verified C-suite executives in only 12 days – finishing days ahead of schedule. 

We were able to gather insights from a variety of organization types – from non profit to technology companies – across regions, leading to a diverse and balanced data sample.


C-suite interviews in 12 days

I had a delightful experience with NewtonX for a particularly hard to recruit B2B project. They make projects I am normally skeptical about easy. I was stunned at the caliber of executives they pulled in for the interviews.


Long-term investment decisions


The project’s insights will drive investment decisions for years to come

The project’s findings have directly impacted our client’s investment strategy – highlighting specific opportunities like carbon capture and storage, hydrogen power generation, wind, solar, and more. The insights have already led to carbon net zero initiatives at all our client’s major operations and closing a deal to purchase nearly a quarter-billion dollar stake in the advanced biofuels industry.

Beyond our client’s specific investment in sustainability, as a leader in the energy, oil, and gas space, their peers look to them for disruptive, bold environmental initiatives. And armed with the insights, they’re ready to deliver.

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