How NewtonX Enabled a Leading Social Media Platform to Triple their Yearly Ad Revenue

A top social media company wanted to evaluate its global advertising effectiveness and perception across leading advertising firms and brands. They joined forces with NewtonX to ask thousands of verified advertising decision-makers to identify their strengths and opportunities within the competitive marketplace. 


Icon depicting the challenge of finding professional opinions on social media advertising


The challenge of finding professional opinions on Social Media advertising


Advertising spend on social media is rapidly expanding, with global social networking advertising revenue projected to grow by almost $20 billion from 2022 ($80B) to 2024 ($100B). User numbers continue to grow and so are the opportunities for new platforms to emerge. That’s why our client wanted to get advertising decision-makers’ opinions on how they could maintain their dominance in the marketplace and expand their ad revenue to capture the growing forecast.


The NewtonX Graph


The NewtonX Graph identified thousands of leading advertising experts


Our client contacted NewtonX and asked us to survey over 2,000 advertising decision-makers to capture their insights on the client’s perception in the market. Using our proprietary NewtonX Graph, we scanned 54 Million professionals in the advertising industry and targeted a verified sample for the survey. 

For all participants, NewtonX coded and hosted the 10-minute survey. We achieved high response rates from professionals and delivered the final results in only six weeks.


advertising professionals surveyed in 6 weeks

NewtonX’s platform provides unprecedented access to hard-to-find B2B audiences that truly understand the intricacies of the advertising industry.



Icon depicting company growth


The client gathered the insights and strategy to significantly grow their advertising revenue


Our NewtonX data allowed the client to quickly understand their perception among global brands and advertising firms. Armed with these insights, our client made data-informed decisions that led to tripling their ad revenue to well over $10 Billion. 

NewtonX’s data also gave them valuable awareness of their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, future-proofing their continual growth within the advertising market.

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