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[Webinar Replay] B2B Innovations: Research Methodology that Transformed UX at Pinterest

Watch Sacha Eder, CEO of NewtonX, and Kitty Z Xu, UX Lead at Pinterest, discuss how the Pinterest team conquered bad data and found success by thinking beyond the traditional B2B research panel.

Thank you to the 100+ business leaders that attended our ‘B2B Innovations: Research Methodology that Transformed UX at Pinterest’ webinar, hosted by Greenbook, on December 2nd.

Didn’t have the chance to attend the Pinterest UX webinar? We have the recording for you. As a refresher, the key takeaways & objectives from the webinar included:

  • Research Techniques: How to apply the innovative B2B research methodology Pinterest used to build advertiser trust
  • Audience Analysis: Define which target audiences are essential to quoting and delivering a successful project
  • Best Practices: Practical resources and strategies to solve some of your biggest B2B research challenges

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