Use Custom Recruiting to Find Experts with Business Insights

May 3, 2022

Key takeaways from NewtonX CEO Sascha Eder’s talk on how AI and automation transforms B2B market research, delivered at GreenBook's IIEX North America 2022.

When it comes to business insights and getting answers to your company’s most vital questions, you’ve got to talk to the right people. That’s easier said than done. 

When making decisions about your company’s future, you need to be confident you are getting accurate insights and dependable data. Yet too often, market research falls short of delivering the information you need. The problem isn’t the questions you are asking. It’s who you are asking. 

Here are the highlights of NewtonX CEO Sascha Eder’s talk at  GreenBook’s IIEX North America 2022, discussing how custom recruiting transforms B2B market research for better business insights and a competitive edge.


The Business Insights Challenge

Imagine you’re the head of strategy at a large legacy US bank. You need to make big decisions, like improving your fintech offering to stay competitive. But what do your customers really need? What are your competitors doing in this area? How are they messaging and going to market?

You can’t sleep at night knowing you need to make a multi-million-dollar investment to stay relevant, in the game, and out in front. What you decide will make or break your company’s future.

You need detailed business insights, and to get them, you need to talk to potential customer decision-makers. So, you launch a survey, hoping to find CFOs in charge of fintech solutions.

The Challenge of Finding the Right Experts


The Challenge of Finding the Right Experts

You wait for answers as thousands of survey links are sent to unqualified professionals or unvetted panel respondents, saying: “Hi, take this survey and make $10 in 15 minutes.” Because your survey is sent to thousands of people with no practical way to screen them, you get unqualified respondents who game your survey’s screening questions in order to pass and get the $10. You end up with bogus results that don’t help you make a decision. 

The business insights you need are out there, but finding the right B2B market research agency who can give them to you is the challenge. 

The problem with B2B market research today is that you really know very little about the respondents.  Closed expert panels are limiting. Information is sparse and self-reported by respondents that want to fit the criteria to get paid. Finding the real specialists to give you the business insights and market intelligence you need is nearly impossible when you can’t screen respondents and vet information for accuracy. Incentives don’t make sense. Why would a $240-an-hour CFO spend time answering a survey to get $5?


Custom Recruiting for Better Sources of Business Insights

What if you could find the exact experts to give you real answers for the specific questions most critical to your business? Advances in technology are making it possible to do just that. With AI-powered custom recruiting, you can access knowledgeable people like never before. 


The world's most valuable business knowledge


Imagine you are a: 

  • Billion-dollar tech company that needs to understand how ad tech platform upgrades could impact retailer marketing strategies
  • Leading software company that needs to know what would make a VR developer interested in building on Facebook’s new Meta Headset
  • Social media platform wondering what Brazilian content creators are looking for in monetization features
  • Decentralized finance company needing to know how global financial institutions plan onboarding cryptocurrencies


The NewtonX Knowledge Graph scans the world to find the right minds. We custom source the people who can best answer your business questions from over 1.1 billion professionals. We look for and find the right people to give you specialized insights that you couldn’t get before. Using AI and automation, we can search this massive and expanding pool of experts and filter over 40 different fields to drill down to specific professionals with intimate working knowledge to answer your question. Think of it as Google for B2B research; built for speed and specificity. 

You now can get unprecedented access to hard-to-find B2B audiences that truly understand the intricacies of an industry and your business. NewtonX Knowledge Graph’s AI-driven search uncovers sources of niche knowledge like this, and quickly connects you with as many experts as you need.


Custom Recruiting for Better Sources of Business Insights


When we find professionals to give insights to your questions, we employ a rigorous verification process so we—and you—know that each respondent is fully qualified to provide insights.


Imagine the Possibilities Custom Recruiting Unlocks

You can now actually find the answers to hyper-specific—and absolutely critical—questions with huge business implications. It’s how technology and automation transform B2B market research for the better. 

Going back to imagining you are the strategy leader at that bank, who needs to make big fintech investment decisions: Now you can find the heads of innovation for large financial services customers in key markets and get detailed information about their priorities, plans and values. You can make a confident fintech investment decision based on solid business insights–and gain a competitive edge.

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