Beyond the buzz: Navigating the brave new world of generative AI

March 14, 2023

While appetite for generative AI is on an upward trajectory, the practicalities of adoption are far less clear. That's why investing in custom B2B research could give you the edge over your competitors.

In a survey of brand marketers we ran in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal, 64% of participants said they expect generative AI will help them cut costs and boost revenue. But while efficiency is undoubtedly a compelling benefit, it’s a very small part of what generative AI can bring to the table. 

As counterintuitive as it sounds, the best way not to get left behind in the AI arms race isn’t to plow on. First, you need to do your homework. 

That’s where custom B2B research comes in. It gives you clarity: an understanding of how you could benefit from generative AI, what your customers think about it, and what your competitors are doing. 

As NewtonX CEO Sascha Eder notes, “Ultimately, it’s not about whether you use AI, but how thoughtfully you’ve integrated it. Even if openly available tools have democratized access to these technologies, it’s important to be deliberate with how you’re doing it.”

That’s why we’ve published “Beyond the buzz: Navigating the brave new world of generative AI.” 


Download the report here:


In this report, we’ll: 

  • Outline the steps you can take to ensure deliberate AI application — rather than trying prompts from one-size-fits-all cheat sheets that don’t factor in the nuances of your business.
  • Show how insights executives at global creative agencies R/GA and Landor & Fitch employ generative AI for client success
  • Reveal sample AI questions you can ask survey participants to gain clarity on your customers’ needs and identify market gaps

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