How NewtonX User Research Uncovered Growth Insights for a Digital Advertising Agency

To combat stagnating growth in the EMEA region, our client needed to understand awareness, preferences and blocks to using their ad platform and tools.


Icon depicting search for digital advertising decision-makers


Digital advertising agency sought insights from advertising decision-makers

A digital advertising agency wanted to increase ad revenue in the EMEA region and counteract stagnating growth.

They sought user research that would help them understand advertiser awareness, evolving preferences, and blocks that might inhibit advertisers from engaging with and using the platform advertising tools. They also wanted to know if their outreach efforts were targeting the right advertisers and brands.

To get detailed and relevant insights, the company needed to hear both from advertisers that were actively using its services and tools—and from those who were not using it or stopped using it. The company had to recruit a large enough number of respondents in each group for statistical significance, but also needed a rich and nuanced understanding of complex concepts and dynamics of their market.


Icon depicting the NewtonX Q3 approach


NewtonX Q3 approach for statistically valid data and deep-dive insights

We recommended our Q3 formula to source user research in a qual-quant-qual approach.

Initial qualitative one-on-one interviews helped us develop hypotheses and segment respondents by their ad-buying histories and behaviors. We conducted 10 pre-survey interviews in this phase.

To obtain data that we could statistically analyze for patterns and relationships, we conducted quantitative surveys with two segments. The first was with 150 customers and the second was with 150 prospects. We completed both in 15 days.

We followed up with a second in-depth round of quantitative interviews with 5 professionals to fully explore motives, processes, rationales and interrelationships among factors that influenced ad buying.  We conducted four interviews in each of the two segments.

Despite the highly specialized nature of the ad decision-makers that we needed to recruit for the study, and despite the comprehensive nature of the Q3 approach, we successfully completed the entire user research project in 25 days.


Icon depicting growth of revenue following the client's user research insights


Using research insights to grow share and revenue

The mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches and our ability to find exactly the right people to interview gave us and our client the ability to understand advertising platform users.

The user research uncovered where they should focus marketing resources to boost awareness and what audiences to target.

They fine-tuned messaging to be different for each segment. They could concentrate on the reasons some were dropping off for one segment. And for the other, the messaging addressed the reasons why some resisted using the platform in the first place.

Since completing the user research and making changes in their go-to-market approach, the company has emerged as the leading streaming platform in the EMEA region, with revenue consistently outpacing projections.


media and advertising professionals surveyed in 15 days

NewtonX is able to find and segment a B2B sample with active digital advertising platform users. We had a great experience with them and they absolutely delivered the quant and qual sample we needed to make an informed decision.

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