How NewtonX identified digital media streaming experts for an Indian media conglomerate

Deep insights from NewtonX enabled a top media firm to confidently acquire a streaming platform.



Our client's research challenge was streaming experts in less than 1 week

Sourcing intel on the local music streaming market

A leading media conglomerate in India was considering an acquisition of a music streaming platform with a strong presence of local Indian music. They needed to gain insights from senior media streaming professionals with high-level knowledge of the industry’s outlook in order to validate their investment thesis. With their decision deadline coming up, they required a quick turnaround of less than 1 week to recruit and consult with respondents.


NewtonX delivered 12 streaming experts in less than 1 week

Recruiting 12 local industry experts for consultations in just three days

We were able to identify and custom recruit 12 local industry executives with deep knowledge of both the music streaming industry in India and the platform our client was looking to acquire. This enabled our client to handpick the respondents they believed would provide the highest-value insights, eventually deciding to speak with several respondents who had previously worked for the acquisition target or its competitors. We arranged in-depth, 1:1 consultations where the respondents provided insights on the industry’s outlook.



week to recruit 12 media streaming professionals with local market experience

NewtonX is an invaluable partner. Their ability to find professionals with cultural market-specific knowledge for our due diligence has been excellent.



With NewtonX's insights, the client was able to validate its investment thesis

Gaining specific insights to validate investment theory in less than one week

The client uncovered valuable insights to validate their thesis and make a more confident investment decision. They were able to complement knowledge of the local music streaming industry outlook with a high-level understanding of their acquisition target’s ability to sustain success and innovate their offerings within a fast-growing market. After just 3 days of consultations, the client had the data it needed to confidently close the acquisition deal.

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