How a Top 3 internet company acquired new clients for their digital advertising platform

A major internet and media company was looking to offer new retail media network (RMN) advertising services to their clients. Our survey of 300 advertising leaders helped them make informed product development decisions.

Top Internet Firm Sought to Determine Ad Platform’s Market Fit

Retail media networks (RMNs) are seeing wider growth in retailer adoption than ever before. In 2021, a quarter of retailers received more than $100M in ad revenue from RMNs. The RMN market is projected to soon be worth more than $50B, accounting for nearly 20% of all digital ad spending. 

Faced with this incredible revenue opportunity, our client — a leading media and internet company — wanted to attract new clients and deepen existing relationships with a new RMN advertising solution. To determine the plan’s market viability, our client needed niche insights to understand advertisers’ use and relationship with RMNs. 

However, their research efforts were underdeveloped. The client did not have a clear idea of the data they needed or who could answer their questions.

We Surveyed 300 Advertising Leaders for Competitive Insights

The client turned to NewtonX for help. As their knowledge partner, we worked with them to understand their deep business needs and flesh out a B2B market research roadmap to achieve them. 

Together, NewtonX and the client determined that they needed to know what industries their target advertisers worked in, which RMNs and non-RMNs they preferred, and what motivated them to pick those services. We concluded that the ideal professionals to supply the data were U.S. media advertising decision makers (DMs) from companies that spend $1M+ annually on digital advertising.

Due to these strict requirements, connecting with the right people was challenging. The client chose to collaborate with NewtonX, as our AI-driven NewtonX Knowledge Graph could run detailed searches reaching 1.1 billion B2B professionals to find the exact knowledge needed. We discovered a targeted list of professionals and began our Custom Recruiting process.  

Custom recruiting process


NewtonX developed a full-service quantitative survey solution in just five days. In total, we surveyed 300 U.S.-based advertising DMs across 14 industries, covering retail company marketers and advertising agencies. We verified their identities and guaranteed 100% accurate and fraud-free data through our two-step verification process.

The data detailed retailers’ relationships with the top RMNs they currently use and the value propositions that influence their advertising budget allocation. The survey also discovered advertisers’ top KPIs, the sizes of their intended advertising budgets, and the technical features they want to see. We also charted which RMN and non-RMN brands could provide the most promising partnership options.


advertising DMs surveyed

NewtonX’s platform provides unprecedented access to hard-to-find B2B audiences that truly understand the intricacies of an industry.

Our Data Helped Our Client Grow Their Advertiser Base

On top of carrying out the survey, NewtonX provided end-to-end consulting for the client. We analyzed the results and compiled a report with actionable, data-based recommendations. 

Our data allowed our client to steer product development and account for advertisers’ pricing, design, and technical preferences. Working from our competitive insights, they rolled out new, optimized client acquisition processes for their digital ad platform. 

Our client told NewtonX they couldn’t have been more satisfied with our results. With their fresh digital advertising technologies, they were able to successfully penetrate the challenging RMN market — previously dominated by an incumbent competitor holding more than 50% market share — and acquire new high-value advertising clients with annual budgets up to $25M.

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