Designing a quarterly recurring brand tracker that spans over 13 countries with 4,000 custom-recruited ad tech professionals

Retaining market leadership in a highly-competitive space

The ad tech space has become increasingly competitive and crowded in the last few years. With new players disrupting traditional industry behemoths, the time was apt for our client to reinvigorate its ad tech customer insight strategy by introducing a recurring, quarterly brand tracker to better meet the adapting needs of media buyers.


Harnessing regular, fresh expert insight to remain ahead

NewtonX was called to design and execute this quarterly, recurring brand tracker, highlighted by participation of 4,000 of the world’s premier ad tech experts from across 13 countries. To ensure ongoing, novel insights the custom recruited respondents were refreshed with a new sample every second wave.


ad-tech pros tracked daily

Leveraging elite ad tech expertise to win today and into the future

With a consistent, current understanding of key ad tech purchasing preferences our client is able to keep a close pulse on the relevance of its digital ad offerings, making consistent optimizations to ensure it remains the leading player in the space.

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