How NewtonX UX Research Powered Success for a Collaboration Software Leader

Prior to a new feature release, this collaboration software leader wanted to conduct UX research to better understand a leading customer segment.




Client sought nuanced customer personas


Client sought UX research to inform highly nuanced customer personas

A collaboration platform leader wanted to conduct UX research to better understand the needs of one of their key user segments: product and UX designers. 

In advance of releasing a new feature set, they turned to NewtonX to help them to build personas that would lead to a better understanding of the mindsets within this user segment. They wanted to learn about the nuances of what designers need, want and value. 

The personas would further help them refine their value proposition and craft messaging that resonates. And they would uncover the best ways of reaching these customers.    



NewtonX delivers UX professionals


NewtonX domain knowledge expedited recruiting and UX research execution

We surveyed and interviewed 600 designers in 25 days. The designers were split between product and UX, with working familiarity in both our client’s software and competitors. Our domain knowledge here expedited recruiting for efficiency and speed. While the initial specs separated the US and Canada into separate market quotas, we found minimal variations in respondents between the two and were able to roll up the two geographies and efficiently recruit a larger sample size.

We used our unique Q3 mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to generate statistically reliable and in-depth insights. We started with 10 one-on-one interviews that informed the quantitative survey design. The quantitative survey that followed tested our initial interview findings at scale. We then conducted a second set of one-on-one interviews with select respondents for a deep dive into nuances within key trends.



NewtonX enabled go-to-market success


UX research insights enabled go-to-market success

In addition to providing highly credible quantitative results, we supplied written insight details in summary reports after each qualitative interview to expedite building out personas and developing go-to-market plans.

We worked with the company to share foundational UX research insights and analysis for:

  • Personas to inform go-to-market strategy
  • Effective messaging and value proposition 
  • Target guidance for sales and marketing communications

The domain expertise and research results NewtonX provided played a key role in driving the success of the new designer-focused feature set and roll-out. Sharing out these findings at their user conference and unveiling expanded designer capabilities inspired the creation of over 5,000 community-built add-on apps and mods.


designers surveyed over 25 days

NewtonX used their innovative approach that mixes qualitative and quantitative methodologies and their ability to reach this highly specialized B2B audience for a persona study and UX research that effectively guides our recommendations for the upcoming new feature launch—and ongoing product development.

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