How a full-service B2B research provider can give you valuable business insights

March 24, 2022

Working with a full-service B2B research provider can help you make confident decisions based on solid business insights.

If your business isn’t working with a full-service B2B research provider, you may want to think about investing in capturing deep business insights. Today’s challenging business environment, with increased financial risks, heightened competition, and disruption of everything from supply chains to labor markets, makes decision-making much harder. Companies that can access proprietary insights have an edge.  

Traditional B2B research methods relying on expert panels can’t deliver the right samples. Up to 50% of “subject-matter experts” in traditional studies are not qualified to answer the research questions. Businesses that make decisions without dependable business insights and using bad data, lose around 30% of their revenue annually. Working with a company that specializes in B2B research and solves the recruiting problem is a necessity. While a specialist who can recruit the experts you need costs more, you may find the benefits quickly repay the cost—and more.

But how can you find the right B2B research provider? Over 40,000 research businesses are operating in the U.S. alone. Figuring the one that is the right fit for your business isn’t easy. Here are three traits that separate the excellent from the good:



A clear full-service research process

1. They provide a clear B2B research process

A high-quality full-service B2B research provider will clearly communicate their research process and workflows to you. To get the most value out of your partnership and to get business insights for timely decisions, the process should include:

  1. Scoping conversations to define research scope.
  2. Project staffing and screening criteria refinement.
  3. Recruiting and verifying qualified respondents.
  4. Iterating on target quotas as needed, based on fielding progress.
  5. Data analysis, report, and strategy recommendations.




A strategic thought partnership

2. They establish a strategic thought partnership with you

Process alone is not enough. Look for a B2B research provider that has detailed niche knowledge and an in-depth understanding of your industry. You will get greater value working with a strategic thought partner who is more than a transactional vendor. A good research partner will be able to recruit the right respondents and refine the sample in collaboration with your team. Working with a company that offers creative approaches, like the Q3 hybrid research methodology approach we used with Microsoft, can provide rich and nuanced insights. They will work with you in providing useful analyses, reports, and recommendations.



Quality data helps you ensure business success

3. They make a positive business impact

The ultimate goal of your full-service B2B research partnership is to make a measurable business impact. What does impact look like? A software company like Tableau rebuilding faith in their data. A platform like Pinterest capturing advertiser trust. A social media platform drawing the next generation of creators. These are just a few of the examples of what’s possible with strategic research partners.  



Full-service research enables business growth

A full-service B2B research partner gives you an edge 

Working with a specialized B2B research partner can give you data and business insights for confident decision-making. Having a knowledge edge will help you navigate today’s uncertain and increasingly risky business environment.

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