How we located North America’s most elite real estate agents to glean critical home buying market insights

Helping our client understand the unique needs and priorities of first-time millennial home buyers.

Understanding the differences in millennial buyers to remain competitive

As a large swath of millennials enter into first-time home buyer’s territory, the real estate industry has struggled to adjust to buying preferences that differ from previous generations. Millennials have spent the last decade or so driving rental growth and are indeed starting to buy more homes, but at a slower rate than their parents and grandparents presenting new challenges for real estate agents.  


15 of North America’s most elite real estate agents out 1 million scouted

NewtonX was tapped by a Global Consulting Firm to glean insights from North America’s most successful real estate agents to better understand home buyer’s needs and preferences, specifically for first-time millennial purchasers. 


Out of 1 million experts scouted

Leveraging real estate mastery to future-proof

We scouted through millions of established real estate agents across the United States to find 15 that were supremely educated in the millennial home buyer space. 

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