How we scouted over a million global IP Lawyers to find the 25,000 experts that understand the technology landscape inside and out

Protecting the abstract creations of human brilliance

Technology has made it inexpensive to duplicate, manipulate, and distort intellectual property. And when considering how advancements in technology have made traditional means of IP enforcement less effective, law practitioners have been challenged to help safeguard the intangible productions of human intellect.


Honing in on the the world’s most astute IP experts with speed and precision

NewtonX was called upon by an International Consulting Firm to investigate how recent technology trends have impacted the legal sector across various, diverse markets. Spanning across the US, UK, France, Japan, Germany, China, and South Korea the project had an ambitious timeline that required an average expert turn-around time of <48 hours. Participation boasted over 25,000+ leading IP experts across virtually all corners of the world and spanned over 10 various workstream

24-48 hours

Average expert turnaround time

Creating an assembly of powerful insights to fuel innovation

Ultimately, we were able to converge the brilliance of over 25,000 of the smartest IP experts around the world into concise, accurate insights that enabled our client to unlock future strategic growth opportunities in the space.

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