How uses NewtonX insights to stay at the leading edge of the payments industry

No stranger to breaking the mold with its payments solution, decided not to settle for the status quo with its B2B market research.


Challenge: relies on research to make smarter decisions, but bad data samples that clutter the B2B market research space lack clear takeaways.

To stay at the forefront of innovation and evolving customer needs, needs reliable insights to make critical business decisions. However, the research team regularly came across B2B samples that were rife with bad data. Senior Customer Research & Insights Manager Matt Harris realized that all too often he was trying to convince himself that bad data was not bad data. This was the case with a European brand tracker that Matt and his team ran. After receiving the sample, the team manually cleaned out a lot of data that was obviously bad. Even so, they found that one region’s data still seemed unusual. They looked to the supplier for a reasonable explanation, yet the supplier could not adequately justify the discrepancies. The team was left wondering whether the differences in the data were a true reflection of the different audiences or rather an indication of a poorly sourced sample. Instead of highlighting actionable stories for the product and marketing teams, the bad data obscured the insights.

Good data is textured, bad data is flat


Delivery: While using NewtonX, finds that the resulting data has good texture—distinct patterns that add clarity, rather than ambiguity, to key business decisions. 

Tired of trying to rationalize bad data, Matt and the team turned to NewtonX in search of a high-quality B2B sample. Upon running a first project with NewtonX, Matt found that the data had texture—pronounced patterns that could easily translate into actionable insights for the organization. For instance, when NewtonX respondents were asked to rank their top product needs, the results showed stark differences in how certain needs were evaluated. The product team could then use the evident preferences of respondents to prioritize product needs accordingly. 

Textured data gives clear direction


Meanwhile, the average B2B sample had flat data. In the context of product research, this meant that various product needs were ranked similarly across the board, with no strong winners or losers. Instead of giving the product team clear direction on which product needs should be prioritized, this bad sample only added uncertainty—around whether the reported preferences were accurate, statistically significant, and worthy of determining business decisions.

Matt and the research team recognized the value of the high data quality NewtonX provided. Not only was NewtonX able to source verified senior-decision makers in the payments space using its Custom Recruiting methodology, but it was able to do so at scale across multiple markets, meeting the needs of’s expanding global business. After a successful first project, partnered with NewtonX on four more projects in the span of a year. Thus far, NewtonX has sourced more than 500 professionals for’s qualitative and quantitative research projects.


professionals delivered across 5 projects

I was really excited when we found NewtonX. Their Custom Recruiting has genuinely been a game changer for us in terms of data quality. Not only do I have much greater trust in the data, but the variation in the data means I can more easily provide actionable direction for our product and marketing teams without finding myself rationalizing away bad data.

Matt Harris Senior Customer Research & Insights Manager



Impact: In choosing NewtonX as a research partner, has the clear insights and direction needed to continue making strides in the payments space.

By refusing to compromise on data quality, Matt and his research team empowers the organization with insights that offer a clear story and actionable direction. They no longer waste time and resources trying to decipher vague data before ultimately throwing it out. invests in samples with 100% verified professionals knowing that it decreases organizational risk resulting from using bad data to make business decisions. Armed with NewtonX data, can fuel better business results and continue shaping the future of payments.

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