How we searched through 300,000 digital architects and IT operations experts to find the 20 to develop innovative, leading enterprise architecture

We leveraged professional insight to allow our client to expand into the the 5G subscription-model space.

Our client was partnering with the Chief Digital Officer at a leading TelCo company that was moving into the 5G subscription-model space. But before the company could effectively enter the market, it first needed to undergo robust digital transformation executed specifically via Greenfield Implementation.


Scouting over 300,000 IT experts to find the 20 who could write the playbook on enterprise architecture strategy

Workstreams included 20 calls of Digital Architects and experts granularly familiar with robust IT operational transformation. Additional work focused on call moderation, transcription & recording, and concluded with a strategic insight project.


Digital architects and IT ops professionals scanned

With the knowledge generated from our experts, our client successfully led the implementation of a complex digital transformation roadmap that spanned from product development to sales & fulfillment systems to operational readiness and beyond, culminating in the launch of a new 5G subscription service model for our end client.

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