Delivering an annual tracker boasting participation from 25% of all Fortune 1000 CISOs

Safeguarding an increasingly vulnerable cyberworld from bad actors

As technology and innovation continue to thrive, so does the potential of bad actors to infiltrate new systems that are more connected than ever. According to a recent discussion with the CISO of a global fintech company, “a hacker only need find one vulnerability to do harm, while companies need to monitor for any vulnerability.” Despite the increasing challenge to fend off hackers, cyber security leaders, like our client champion, need to have the smartest, freshest insights to stay ahead in this information Cold War.


Designing and executing a tracker featuring brilliant cyber security minds

To continue to innovate, we were tapped by a Top 3 Global Tech Company to design and execute an annual CISO tracker, highlighted by the participation of 20% of all Fortune 1000 CISOs and relevant decision makers. Ongoing participation includes 7,500 senior-level cyber security decision makers.



of CISO/CISO equivalent from Fortune 1000

Harnessing real-time data to make a lasting impact in cyber security

With insight from the smartest minds in cyber security, our client has a consistent bank of customer insights, decision-making information, and purchasing preferences.

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