How NewtonX helped a top financial services company enter the US fleet industry market

Our financial services client was looking to expand. Our research helped them understand the pain points and consumer needs across the target market.


The Challenge

A prominent financial services company was interested in expanding their presence into the US fleet market.  Before doing so, they needed to have an in-depth understanding of the nuanced pain points and consumer needs of people working in the industry. However, the fleet industry is vast and diverse, and identifying the best people to consult — the professionals who aren’t only experienced and knowledgeable, but also well-equipped to communicate their experience and knowledge — is no easy task.


NewtonX Delivery

Due to our client’s need to understand the intricacies of a new market, NewtonX recommended a qualitative research approach. Within 15 business days, we began screening to identify the perfect professionals to talk to, eventually fielding a total of 20 interview subjects, 10 decision-makers and 10 drivers — to help our client get as much insight as possible, reaching both audiences was a must.

Following our initial 60 minute interviews, we conducted 30 minute follow-ups with 7 of the initial respondents to ensure that we covered as much ground as possible to meet our client’s research needs. Ultimately, the insights we provided to our client helped them understand the consumer needs of a new market.


interviews in 15 days

You got us in touch with the perfect people to provide the industry-specific insights we needed to plan our entry into the market.

The Solution

Thanks to the high quality data, our client grew to understand the pain points and consumer needs for drivers and decision-makers in the US fleet market, and as a result were able to optimize their strategy for entering this market, producing compelling messaging to speak to the unique needs of professionals in the industry.

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