How we helped a top financial services company measure advertising effectiveness among its target audience

Insights from our data enabled our client to better identify the target audience for their advertisements.


The Challenge

A top financial services company wanted to make sure their advertising resonated with financial advisors who were early in their careers. With a multi-million dollar ad budget at stake, it was critical to understand the best way to speak to this audience. Our client needed insights to inform campaign strategy and messaging, and the best path to success was to hear from financial advisors, brokers, and other investment professionals firsthand.


NewtonX Delivery

To help our client create the best ad campaign for their intended audience, NewtonX identified 500 licensed financial advisors, planners, brokers, and investment professionals from different institutions who were not captive agents and who invested in investment products or services in the past 12 months. To achieve this highly specific audience, NewtonX provided consultative advice to help expand potential job titles while filtering out others that weren’t relevant. 

Within 28 business days, we programmed and hosted the survey and fielded 500 respondents. Since our client wanted the ability to analyze the data in real-time as it came in, NewtonX set up a process that included data review checkpoints at several stages during the project. This helped our client feel confident the data they were getting was what they needed, and more importantly, was coming from the right professionals. Seeing the high quality of data from the start reassured this first-time client the project would be successful.


investment professionals surveyed

“Thank you so much for helping us dig in and define our target audience from the start. Having that kind of granularity made such a difference in our results compared to how we had done this in the past.”

The Solution

The data NewtonX provided gave our client the confidence that the insights gleaned would resonate with the target of young financial advisors. Ultimately, the financial services company created a successful advertising campaign.

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