How to conduct B2B research: 3 tips for quality insights

April 29, 2021

Learn B2B best practices from the Fortune 500 and top Market Research firms who are getting it right.

Working with the world’s leading organizations and top market research firms on a daily basis gives us a unique perspective into how teams are thinking about B2B market research. Instead of keeping this a secret, we’re sharing the leading indicators of great results.

Research teams that are clear on who their internal stakeholders are, allow for a consultative approach to the audience and survey/interview questions and work with us early on in the process see the best data at the end of the project. Specifically, following these steps ensures a greater likelihood of a more precise target audience and that in turn, generates higher quality responses. At the end of the day everyone wants to make a decision backed by bulletproof research, and that’s what good data helps us do.

Tip #1: Identify your internal stakeholders from day 1.

Can you answer the question: who shares accountability with the decision maker? This is often the best way to pinpoint knowledge gaps. “The biggest oversight in many projects is not understanding who else in the organization could potentially benefit from the research. We coach our clients to come to us early so we can help create connections within their organizations. This way we can take a holistic approach to the challenge,” says Patiwat Panurach, Lead Strategist at NewtonX.

Tip #2: Find a research co-pilot.

What is the business impact you need to deliver? Teams like to work with us because we provide management-consulting level advice on every research project. Our team of BCG and McKinsey welcomes the opportunity. We’ll provide consultative feedback on your specs (audience, geography, screener questions, etc.) and take a collaborative approach to pricing. This saves time, money and results in higher quality professionals giving you data.

Tip #3 Get us involved early.

What are you trying to learn? Is this the right audience? We eat, sleep and breathe B2B research. Our team of experts works with you from the beginning. Don’t feel like your specs need to be perfect before you request a quote for your project.

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