[Report] 2023 Advertiser Spending: Platform & Publisher Trends

January 5, 2023

Discover where advertiser budgets are trending in 2023 with our latest report in partnership with Adweek.

Developments in the privacy landscape, such as Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, are affecting the efficacy of ad spend on social media platforms. In order to understand how this might benefit publishers, Adweek partnered with NewtonX to survey 80 digital advertising decision-makers and investigate where they will prioritize ad spend. Interested in learning where advertiser budgets are headed in 2023?


Click here to download our NewtonX Current + Adweek report, “2023 Advertiser Spending: Platform & Publisher Trends.”


Download this report if you are a: 

  • Brand-side or agency advertiser seeking to make decisions on where to allocate spend in 2023
  • Strategy decision maker at a social media platform or online publisher looking to capture more advertising spending in 2023
  • Media reporter looking for empirical data to inform data-driven stories on trends in advertising, publishers, platforms, and policy



  • How much budget is being shifted between platforms and publishers?
  • Which publishers are benefiting the most?
  • Which advertisers are most likely to shift from platforms to publishers?
  • What are advertisers’ top brand trust and safety concerns?


Data preview:

Which publishers are benefitting the most?



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