How a digital media platform uncovered advertiser perceptions with NewtonX brand tracking

We found specialized decision-makers with hands-on experience buying or selling digital media advertising through technology solutions.



Challenge: Seeking specialized insights from advertisers

Seeking specialized insights from advertisers

A cloud software innovator with an AI-powered digital media advertising platform needed to set up brand tracking. They wanted to measure the willingness of decision-makers to use machine learning and AI in developing advertising strategies and processes. Have they already adopted these capabilities? How are they working out? What might their hesitations be? And how does this brand stack up against fast-moving and formidable competitors?   

Finding enough people within these extremely niche insights was a tall order. That’s why this client brought us on as a strategic partner to custom-build their brand tracking capability and, more importantly, custom recruit the specialized decision-makers best able to provide insights.


Delivery: Custom recruiting for high-stakes brand tracking

Custom recruiting for high-stakes brand tracking

To get detailed applied technology, usage, and brand knowledge, we custom recruited 200 senior advertising decision-makers who buy or sell digital media advertising through technology solutions. They were split between agencies and marketers, with an additional segment working in agency trading desk, demand-side platform and supply-side platform roles.

Beyond the basics of brand tracking, this client needed very specific insights into twenty different parameters including:

  • How customers would use the platform
  • Their willingness to pay a premium price for it
  • Receptivity to the platform’s AI predictive analytics to replace cookies for tracking and uncovering audiences



days to recruit 200 digital media advertising decision-makers

NewtonX is an invaluable partner. Their ability to find professionals with industry-specific technology and functional knowledge for our brand tracking has been excellent.



Solution: Specific and dynamic brand tracking in a rapidly changing market

Specific and dynamic brand tracking in a rapidly changing market

To thrive in a highly-competitive and fast-evolving market, our client’s strategy might need to shift on a dime. The brand tracking study we set up illuminated nuanced brand perceptions. It created an opportunity for the client to powerfully reposition the platform for a greater market share.The client now collects this data on a quarterly basis to refresh their insights.

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