How a design software company uncovered trends and best practices for hiring designers with NewtonX

Attracting and hiring top talent can be a major challenge—particularly in the design community. Our client partnered with NewtonX to dive deeper into hiring trends, techniques, and experiences of design hiring managers and recruiters.



Hiring insights


The challenge of finding competitive hiring insights for our client’s community  

Demand for digital web development and design is at an all-time high—and this is just the beginning. Even with economic uncertainty, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of jobs in the field to grow 23% between 2021 and 2031. With demand fueling companies’ tough competition for designers, our client wanted to understand what attracts great talent. 

In order to get an accurate understanding of the current hiring landscape in the design community, our client needed to hear from the right professionals who have authority over design hiring and from a variety of companies across multiple countries.



NewtonX survey & consulting


NewtonX provided end-to-end consulting services and hosted a survey for 300 design hiring managers

In order to find the best professionals for the project, NewtonX helped define audiences, developed the screener and questions, and hosted the survey. We leveraged the NewtonX Graph to field thousands of hiring managers across four countries. Over the course of just 10 days, we custom recruited 300 high-caliber design hiring managers and recruiters from all four countries.

NewtonX consultants delivered the findings with an in-depth report that included survey analysis and graphs along with key takeaways that contextualized responses around hiring experiences, trends, and best practices.


design hiring managers surveyed in just 10 days

Sharing design hiring insights


Our client shared the insights with the design community through a thought leadership piece on its blog and an in-depth report

Powered by NewtonX survey data and reporting, our client published a web article and presentation to its platform that can be viewed by millions of its users and members of the design community. The study identified three critical elements that companies should adhere to when working to attract top design talent: 

  • Showcasing a supportive design culture
  • Personalizing the ways you attract talent to the candidate
  • Fostering a robust professional development environment 


By using trustworthy data from NewtonX-verified industry professionals, our client was able to take an accurate pulse of the design community. Through our partnership, our client can confidently share the findings through valuable thought leadership content while reinforcing its status as a trusted brand and resource to customers and beyond.

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