How NewtonX Custom Recruited Hard-to-Find Metaverse Influencers

A media and internet innovator needed to hear from builders shaping the evolution of the metaverse.



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Truly inspiring metaverse influencers are hard to find and to engage

Talking to metaverse influencers and digital media thought leaders is critical to understanding the metaverse and where it is going. A leader in the social media and web3 space partnered with us because they wanted to connect with these “builders” around the world—the people who are creatively engaged in shaping the future of the metaverse. The insights generated from in-depth engagement would be invaluable in planning product roadmaps, developing marketing playbooks, and formulating go-to-market strategies.


NewtonX Qualitative Consultations

Custom recruiting an extraordinary community

Finding social media influencers who are actively shaping the platforms of the future is not easy. Yet the value of building an active community that stays engaged over time is invaluable. We worked closely with our partner to find, screen, and interview candidates to find a unique mix of community members, all under 40 years old, across geographies, ethnicities, genders and roles. These included:

  • Social media influencers making their living through digital media  
  • Tastemakers in the creative industry
  • Software developers in entertainment, gaming, and AR/VR 

We recruited the ideal community within twelve days for a week of in-depth activities. These extraordinary metaverse influencers connected through a mix of live and on demand opportunities, including virtual roundtables, phone interviews, online discussion forums and online surveys.


metaverse influencers recruited across 5 geographic markets

NewtonX gave us unprecedented access to hard-to-find influencers who truly understand the latent potential of the metaverse. Our ability to engage these metaverse influencers in-depth and on an ongoing basis gave us insights we couldn’t get any other way.


Capturing voice of customer insights

Capturing Voice of the Customer insights to drive new social paradigms

The insights captured drove platform evolution in more humanized interface design, privacy and safety measures, and creative features integrating crypto technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our client plans on engaging this community of builders on an ongoing basis as it continues to make large investments in new technology and social paradigms.

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