How NewtonX Helped a Web3 Leader Capture Unique Insights for a Report on the Metaverse Future

A technology leader sought to demonstrate their expertise and enhance their reputation with a well-researched report with insights into the metaverse future.


Finding experts with niche knowledge


The challenge of finding experts with niche knowledge

A Web3 company and force in the metaverse future sought to showcase their perspectives and expertise. They wanted to issue a report on the opportunity, consumer and technology trends in the space, and evolving industry-specific applications. The thought leadership report would include robust consumer research, executive insights, and expert interviews.


NewtonX delivered niche experts


The NewtonX Graph found experts on the metaverse future

NewtonX was tasked to capture those insights and data from senior executives and subject matter experts on metaverse capabilities and perceived risks. Finding bona fide leaders with these specialized perspectives and getting them to participate in contributing to the report would not be easy using traditional methods, so the company turned to NewtonX.    

It took us only ten days to field C-suite executives for 400 quantitative surveys, followed by five days to interview 20 participants for qualitative one-on-one consultations for more in-depth insights.

Using our proprietary NewtonX Graph, we scanned 1.1 billion potential candidates from around the world. Our AI-driven search uncovered the right minds with expert niche metaverse future knowledge.

We reached C-suite leaders across marketing, innovation, and product functions in >50M revenue companies across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We captured the findings in a summary that became the basis of the report.  


niche experts engaged in under 10 days

We gave NewtonX a very limited timeline, yet they still over delivered. The completion rate and the caliber of respondents exceeded our expectations. Capturing the insights of this rarified group of metaverse future experts was invaluable to us, our clients, investors, and prospects.


Metaverse insight


Metaverse future insights broke ground and yielded new client engagements

Our client broke new ground with insights into the key capabilities that companies need in order to deliver on their metaverse strategies. Just as important was understanding the most relevant and pressing risks that concerned companies entering this space and potentially using the metaverse.

The information in the report proved both interesting and useful for our client and their audiences. It opened doors for them to connect with potential customers, justify manpower and budgets, and convey value to investors in the metaverse future impact. Additionally, it now serves as a guide for the ongoing development of their platform and products.

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