NewtonX introduces new research service: NewtonX Current

June 8, 2021

NewtonX launches a new proprietary research arm to deliver B2B insights on the topics that matter most.

We’re excited to announce the launch of NewtonX Current!

NewtonX Current is the new proprietary research arm of NewtonX. Our team of senior researchers design and field our Current reports to answer today’s most pressing questions. Each report is informed by topics of interest from the B2B research community and ranges from trends in Cybersecurity to Advertiser spending.

The goal of NewtonX Current is to deliver instant access to hard-to-find insights from 100% verified professionals in order to help business leaders make confident decisions.

Current is in direct response to our clients needs and the changing market research industry. As a leader in B2B market research, we feel it’s just as important to have instant-access to high quality data that answers key business questions as it is to be able to develop and field custom primary research.

The name “current” reflects the timeliness of the topic and the ability to gain instant access to insights. Current also reflects a generally accepted flow or prevalent practice; some Current research will show how trends ebb and flow over time. Finally, a current also gives power and energy, similar to the way research findings support key decisions and new product launches.

From the team at NewtonX, we are very excited to share this with you. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Where can I get the latest Current?

Check out the latest NewtonX Current where we powered Fortune’s first ever CFO survey, “What do CFOs really think about the future of work.” NewtonX designed the survey, custom recruited the CFOs and analyzed the entire data set.

A few of the Fortune-published articles that feature NewtonX research:

“What CFOs really think about going back to the office.” 

“63% of high-growth companies have hybrid work models.”

“From talent pipelines to hybrid work models, here’s what mattered to CFOs this week.”

“Sorry Bitcoin, CFOs say they aren’t adopting crypto.”

When is it published?

Released quarterly, or as often as the market demands. Here is the Current publishing schedule through 2021.

– Q2 NewtonX Current: Fortune and What CFO’s really think about the future of work – out now!

– Q3 NewtonX Current: Cybersecurity

– Q3: NewtonX Current: GreenBook and the GRIT report buyers side survey

– Q4: NewtonX Current: CEO Study focused on strategic company growth

– Q4: NewtonX Current: 2022 Forecast

We’re open to collaborations with other Tier 1 publishers and enterprise organizations who have a great idea for a study. If you would like to partner with NewtonX, please email


Additional NewtonX thought leadership

Here are a few other popular pieces:

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