Building The Board Ready CMO in B2B

June 18, 2024

Less than 3% of public board members have a marketing background. How might CMOs close the gap?

Based on recent NewtonX research, the B2B CMO role has evolved to lead digital transformation and drive organizational growth through cross-functional collaboration. However, boardrooms have been slow to reflect this expanded CMO role and its strategic alignment.

Enter: Transmission and NewtonX.

Our report “Building the Board-Ready CMO in B2B” features never-before-seen custom primary research covering a mix of qual and quant methodologies. We surveyed over 320 CMOs and spoke with six board directors from public and private B2B boards who were all responsible for the selection of new members.

The research highlights reasons why CMOs lack board presence but also provides guidance for CMOs to attain board positions commensurate with their broadened remit. We believe that CMOs with the right GTM strategy can play a key role in those winning boards of the future and deliver a greater percentage of annual revenue growth, profitability and market share compared to the boards who exclude them. 

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In partnership, 

Jackie Cutrone, NewtonX CMO

Download the report.


Key Insights:

  • Challenges in Gaining Board Seats: Identifying disciplines facing difficulty in securing board positions and understanding barriers to entry.
  • Role of CMOs on Boards: Exploring reasons behind CMO invitations to boards and uncovering perceived value and qualities sought after.
  • Value of Marketing in Boardrooms: Assessing marketing’s perceived importance and CMO involvement in board presentations.
  • Shortcomings and Development Needs of CMOs: Understanding reasons for low CMO representation and identifying necessary skills for board success.
  • Importance of Creativity on Boards: Evaluating the role of creativity in board decision-making and the benefits of diverse perspectives.

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