The next generation of insights for hedge funds

March 21, 2022

Ensure high portfolio performance with deep investment insights from targeted surveys and end-to-end research providers.

Hedge funds require prescient and contrarian perspectives to outperform the market and deliver positive results to investors. To ensure high returns from volatile markets, equity investors require accurate data from end-to-end research services. It is the only way to understand portfolio exposure to both industry-specific drivers and macroeconomic changes.

That said, it’s challenging to acquire the right knowledge to quickly and confidently validate investment theses. Traditional B2B research methods relying on 1:1 interviews struggle to provide holistic competitive intelligence. Thanks to cutting-edge research technology, there’s a new way for hedge funds to maximize the value of their research spend.


NewtonX Verified Professionals

Guarantee end-to-end research quality and value with Custom Recruiting

Efficient full-service research first depends on access to qualified professionals who can answer niche business questions — and then quickly reaching these professionals at statistically significant scale. Traditional closed expert networks with limited talent pools are unable to solve for this. Additionally, providers are often under pressure to force fit the experts they have in-network to a study — even when they may not be appropriately qualified.

NewtonX’s Custom Recruiting process delivers better research by sourcing the exact professionals needed, on the spot for unique project requirements. Using our proprietary Knowledge Graph, NewtonX has access to 1.1 billion professionals across over 140 industries, whom we can filter based on specific research criteria. 

NewtonX Custom Recruiting finds professionals to answer every question

Accurate two-step verification is an integral part of our full-service end-to-end research process. We use unique links to validate each professional based on their LinkedIn profile or a professional email address, eliminating uncertainty. As a result, our hedge fund clients can see the sample and know precisely who responded to our surveys, unlike with double blind panels.


NewtonX Q3 Formula

Diversify insights with targeted surveys

Traditional methods to gather insights for hedge funds struggle with more than unverified insights. They usually begin with small-scale 1:1 calls to several professionals. This approach is time-intensive and risks missing valuable information due to the small sample size.

Here, surveys are the solution. They can reach a much larger sample within a shorter time frame. For example, a 20-minute survey of 50 verified professionals brings in more expertise than 5 one-hour interviews. It can also more adequately catch potential outliers.

A stack of end-to-end research reports

Surveys provide incredible value beyond more data quantity.They also reduce time spent on calls, allowing portfolio managers and analysts to repurpose time towards other urgent investment activities. Consequently, they enable investors to maximize the value of research spend.

Furthermore, when investors require more qualitative data for deeper insights, surveys easily evolve into a hybrid end-to-end research methodology. The NewtonX Q3 Formula (qual-quant-qual) builds on quantitative survey data with qualitative follow-up interviews to increase the breadth and depth of investment insights.


Effective end-to-end research depends on survey questions

Partner with an end-to-end research provider

Of course, successful surveys depend on asking the right questions. Without carefully formulated questions, the survey results can’t reach their full value potential.

NewtonX’s smooth end-to-end process is built on years of experience in the art of designing B2B research surveys. After receiving questions from equity investors, we optimize question phrasing to guarantee data accuracy and handle all survey logistics, like coding and screening. Our internal strategic consulting team will compile the data and deliver it in formats that integrate seamlessly with investors’ existing analysis capabilities. 

Our methodology is designed to provide more data points to enable hedge funds to make critical investment decisions with confidence. NewtonX end-to-end research services deliver more premium-quality data and deeper insights, providing a better value proposition than traditional consultations on their own. 


Quality B2B end-to-end research improves portfolio performance

Step into the future of investment intelligence

Contrarian, reliable insights are key to validating investment theses and models in a timely manner. Faced with ongoing market volatility, it’s imperative that hedge funds update their B2B research methodologies to outpace market innovation.

NewtonX is positioned to help investors ensure portfolio performance and continued business success. Our Custom Recruiting and survey methods are the secret investment weapon you didn’t know you needed.

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