[Report] Market Research Business Outlook 2023: Restoring Trust in Sample Quality

January 5, 2023

B2B market research must change: GreenBook GRIT insights reveal an industry plagued by poor data. The future of B2B market research isn’t a better B2B panel, but an open network of professionals fueling custom tailored insights and confident business decisions.

Market Research Business Outlook 2023 preview


Download our ‘Market Research Business Outlook 2023: Restoring Trust in Sample Quality’ report to learn why the industry has changed and how you can meet the new benchmarks for success. 


Takeaways include: 

  • How to apply key insights from GreenBook’s 2022 Business & Innovation GRIT Report
  • A commentary on the future of sample quality by Sascha Eder, NewtonX CEO
  • Stories on how leading enterprises like Salesforce and McKinsey have found success with Custom Recruiting, the new methodology making waves in B2B research


For research buyers and enterprise market research leaders:

  • Apply world-class insights to effectively plan your 2023 business strategy
  • See how you can source high quality verified data and work with your providers on data accountability
  • Right size your approach to research and manage budget expectations 
  • Learn how to deliver value to stakeholders beyond the data set

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