[Whitepaper] Business Outlook: Meeting the New Demands of Market Research

July 28, 2021

2020 proved the research industry is not the same. Insights leaders must change their approach in order to be successful in the new frontier of market research.

Download our ‘Meeting the New Demands of Market Research‘ whitepaper to learn why the industry has changed and how you can meet the new benchmarks for success. 

GreenBook released the latest GRIT Report: Business and Innovation Edition in July 2021. This edition of GRIT focuses on how external changes (like COVID-19) are driving innovation and how these changes are impacting business outcomes, expectations, and strategies.  We are especially close to this one because GreenBook, with its vast knowledge of market research firms, selectively asked NewtonX to help find 200 client-side buyers for the 2021 report.


Key questions answered in this whitepaper:

  1. Why did GreenBook choose NewtonX to field GRIT?
  2. What are the two insights changing the market research industry?
  3. How can insights leaders adapt current practices to be successful in 2022 and beyond?
  4. What does delivering “better insights” and “better recommendations” look like in practice?
  5. What is the future of the B2B Panel?


2021 GIRT Report + NewtonX

For research buyers and enterprise market research leaders

  1. Apply world-class insights to effectively plan your 2022 business strategy.
  2. See how you can align your capabilities with market demands.
  3. Understand why research leaders must double-down on providing value beyond the data set.

For B2B market survey and research providers and suppliers 

  1. Discover how the insights industry is fundamentally changing and what you can do about it.
  2. Get the ‘best of the best’ practices pooled from leading research providers across the industry.
  3. How you can adapt to the changing insights landscape as B2B buyers needs become increasingly specialized and harder to fulfill.

2021 GIRT Report

Download “Market Research Business Outlook 2H 2021: Meeting the New Demands of Market Research.”

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