Use primary research at scale to find your edge on the market

October 3, 2023

To make the right investment decisions, you need the right data. It’s that simple and that complicated. 

Yet to consistently outperform the market, investors have been missing one key part of due diligence: primary research at scale, delivered through expert surveys. 


NewtonX Prime’s expert intelligence platform gives you the knowledge edge over your competitors. Its primary research insights give you the speed and certainty to derisk investment decisions and generate alpha.


What is primary research?

Primary research goes beyond your desk googling of third party data. It’s getting straight to the source of raw data that’s laser-focused on what you need to know, right now.


You’ve got a vast array of data at your fingertips:

  • Expert calls and libraries’ worth of call transcripts
  • Earnings calls, 10Ks and other financial data
  • Analyst reports, syndicated reports, and other relevant, publicly available reports
  • Quantitative statistics, from web traffic to satellite data – and everything in between
  • Alternative crowdsourced data sources, like Glassdoor ratings


For decisions that outperform the market , you’d also have the kind of exclusive data that only investors with the most expensive research teams get, including:

  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Time series data, to monitor trends over time
  • Proprietary data outside public sources, directly from verified experts
  • All this at scale—not just a handful of expert calls


The expert survey insights we include in NewtonX Prime bring you  access to this information to your advantage. 


As featured in Hedgeweek, our CEO Sascha Eder notes: 

Contrarian, reliable insights are key to validating investment theses and models in a timely manner.


Sascha Eder

NewtonX CEO


3 benefits of primary research at scale: speed, certainty, compliance 



Be the first to an investment decision by chopping days off your cycle. 

Save hours of work through immediate access to the largest number of verified expert opinions, already analyzed and visualized into charts and graphs. In a couple of clicks, you can filter, slice and dice thousands of surveys to zoom in on exactly what you need. 



Boost confidence in your research, investment theses and, ultimately the investment decisions they’re based on, with primary research at scale. 

Every survey and interview you access on NewtonX Prime is based on insights from 100% verified experts. Instead of talking to 5-10 experts, get statistically significant perspectives of 5 times more professionals – with insights synthesized for you in one survey. 



You need to be able to trust that every piece of first hand research is reviewed for MNPI and other potential due diligence issues – mitigating possible compliance risks. Expert intelligence platforms take care of this work for you, so you can focus on actioning your intel.


2 types of primary research that are most important for investors

There are 2 types of primary research that matter to investors – expert interviews and surveys. Top expert intelligence platforms deliver both – saving you the heavy time investment or extortionate price tag.


Expert surveys

Surveys are a crucial way to capture the expertise of decision makers – answering questions at statistical significance:

  • How do customers rate their product/services/features?
  • How competitive is their pricing?
  • How do employees feel about their employer? 
  • How much brand loyalty is there in their buying teams? Are the decision-makers likely to switch companies?


Expert knowledge at scale is what gives you an information edge. Which is why we built NewtonX Prime—to give you instant access to our full database of expert surveys. This multiples your number of expert insights by at least 5 times – giving you increased confidence in your investment decisions. 


Expert interviews

As a primary research tool, interviews are the way to establish how people think and feel. If surveys tell you what people think – interviews reveal their whys. Analysis of perceptions, opinions and aspirations is imperative intel for identifying potential and assessing the risks of any investment recommendation. 

You need an expert intelligence platform with as many verified expert interviews, in the widest range of industries, as possible. 


When to use primary research

You use primary research whenever you need evidence to make your investment recommendations and decisions more certain. This can be at any stage of the process. 

  1. Idea generation. Finding potential investments drives your investment activity. Of course, you want to do the hands-on work here yourself. But working with an expert intelligence platform adds scale to your knowledge base and accelerates your process by presenting synthesized insights from thousands of surveys and interviews. You spend less time collecting and collating data and build more solid investment theses – leaving you time to identify more potential opportunities. 
  2. As you get more serious about companies, market diligence research kicks in. A deep dive into the company’s financial well-being, its place in the industry and the health of the market overall. Primary research is essential to assess the company’s real and perceived valuation, determine future factors in the market or wider economic landscape and assess valuation and company-specific risks. These insights are an absolute goldmine of evidence for your investment recommendations and increases confidence in the final decisions. 
  3. Continuously monitoring the health of the companies in your investment portfolio. As you track performance, you use primary research to identify anything that impacts the investment and pivot investment strategy as needed.


Considerations when using primary research for investment decisions

Historically, investors have relied on expert networks for qualitative interviews. There are a number of possible issues with these traditional research tools and firms:

  • This anecdotal information is collected from too few sources that may not be ideal experts.  
  • Lack of wide access to verified experts, in real time, can result in bad data, or perpetuate confirmation bias. 
  • Information from a shallow pool is likely to simply reflect the herd view, rather than uncover actionable insights. 
  • It’s incredibly time-consuming. The longer your research processes, the lower the return on your time. 


All of these considerations are covered by working with an expert intelligence platform like NewtonX Prime. 


Examples of primary research with NewtonX

Here are the stories of three clients that have benefited from NewtonX’s expert intelligence at scale. 


Beat the firms that are still using traditional expert calls. Your new due diligence weapon is  NewtonX Prime. Get a free trial and see for yourself. 

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