Large Digital Advertiser sought Advertising Decision Makers and Influencers to gauge new privacy regulations

Our insights helped our client meet advertising-buyer needs while staying consistent with new privacy regulations.

The Challenge: How to implement new data privacy regulations to best meet advertising buyers needs?

A new federal data privacy regulation required this large digital advertiser to make some changes to its product and offerings. The goal was to implement the changes and communicate clearly what had changed, while also ensuring its customers maintained a positive perception of the brand. 

To ensure a successful implementation, the advertiser needed to understand current perceptions and sentiments from customers. NewtonX helped deliver the requested 5,000 senior advertising professionals in nine countries.


NewtonX Delivery

Finding 5,000 professionals seems like a tall order, but with the help of the NewtonX Knowledge Graph and a dedicated client delivery team, we were able to scale the outreach and complete the project in under 11 weeks (2 weeks ahead of schedule).

The NewtonX search methodology was designed to provide 100% ID-verification of all professionals who completed the survey. This means we delivered the highest quality data available and no fraud. 

In this case, our client was looking for:

  1. Chief digital officers at large advertising firms
  2. Heads of media and media buyers at agencies
  3. Directors of marketing at Fortune 500 organizations

Verified advertising decision makers

“We have gone through a preliminary cleaning of the results, and while previously we removed ~50% of the sample from other panels, NewtonX is 100% on quality completes…keep these types of completes coming…”

The Solution

Research-based insights led to a successful roll out. With a deeper understanding of customer perceptions and preferences, our client was able to make optimizations consistent with the new regulations and advertising-buyers needs. The changes made were based on real insights, which led to a successful implementation and ability to continue to be a leading player in the space.


Finding 100% verified professionals to deliver the information you need

No matter your organization’s industry, your customer base is ready to tell you what they need out of your product or service. NewtonX is here to make sure your questions are reaching the right audience, and that each response is legitimate. Contact us to learn more about our Knowledge Graph and how our research process can give your company an edge over the competition.

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