NewtonX 2020: Year in Review

In 2020, market research professionals showcased their adaptability, ingenuity, and grit in a year that forced us to rethink how we work, collaborate, and make an impact in the knowledge space.

NewtonX 2020, Year in Review, Report

As we welcome the new year, we see several trends continuing and new best practices emerging in 2021 as revealed by our Year in Review report, such as the: 

  1. Growing proliferation of fraud and bad data in B2B market research 
  2. Continued need for specialized, niche B2B surveys for professional insights to inform strategic business decisions 
  3. Speed and agility to deliver high-quality research
  4. Trending audiences and new categories to watch in 2021 
  5. The role of speed and agility in powering high-quality research

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