[Report] How Brand Impacts Share Price

March 29, 2024

Interbrand, NewtonX, and Brodeur Partners reveal how brand research and investor communications can improve company valuation.

Brand isn’t just a company asset. It’s a critical determinant of a company’s market success. Yet new research by Interbrand and NewtonX reveals that 67% of brands struggle to fully reflect their strength in share prices and are currently underperforming their competitive set. 

Through analyzing P/E ratios and primary research within the investment community, we’ve identified a powerful driver that can shift the balance, change investor understanding, and bring earned value back to a company’s share price. Best of all, it’s an asset that companies already have the power to strengthen: their brand.

We’ve published a report, How Brand Impacts Share Price, to show you how to connect brand, investor communications and advanced AI-based research. 

Download the report here.

Preview the data and takeaways below:

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