How a strategy consultancy made a multi-billion dollar evaluation with NewtonX insights

A leading strategy consultancy found it difficult to accurately assess a sustainable energy company’s global perception among senior professionals. They came to NewtonX to craft and conduct a niche B2B study across multiple regions, languages, and industries – with billions at stake.


Billion dollar valuations


The challenge of fielding global perceptions for billion-dollar valuations

Sustainable energy is on the rise. By 2026, renewable energy dependency is expected to increase at least 60% from its 2020 levels. With such promising growth prospects, a leader in the renewable market turned to our client to understand their brand equity among senior sustainability professionals. To gather the insights needed for this project, our client needed a B2B research partner that could conduct a global survey and deliver quick results. This data was key to inform a major merger of key players in the renewable energy industry.



Verified senior professionals


NewtonX identified and surveyed hundreds of verified senior professionals across the world 

Our client reached out with a difficult project: use NewtonX’s Custom Recruiting strategy to survey 400 hundred leading academics, journalists, and professionals across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa in under a month. Not only did NewtonX help craft a screener for the survey but coded and hosted the project as well – translating surveys and responses in languages such as Chinese, Arabic, and German. 

Within 20 days, NewtonX delivered fraud-free data from 400 verified professionals to our client.



global sustainability professionals surveyed and translated in just 20 days

NewtonX can find just about any B2B sample with high level titles. I had a great experience with them and they absolutely got me the quant sample I needed – and they even translated the results into multiple languages.



Sustainable energy insights


The findings fueled a groundbreaking multi-billion dollar partnership for sustainable energy

Our client harnessed the insights from hundreds of verified global professionals to effectively evaluate the energy company’s brand equity. With this information, the company confidently relayed their value to their merging partner and offered competitive stock pricing. Our client’s analysis from the survey led to the partner investing over $2 billion in the company’s portfolio – future-proofing the company’s status and our client’s reputation as a leading strategy consultancy for the renewable market.

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