How a global marketing agency gained top clients with C-suite insights

NewtonX insights helped a leading digital agency successfully acquire clients in competitive market segments with a refined marketing strategy.

Global marketing agency tests rebrand

A Global Marketing Agency Sought to Test Brand Perception

Brand positioning can make or break a company. Keenly aware of this, our client — a global marketing and digital strategy agency — sought to test their brand messaging to high profile clients and prospects across a range of industries.

To effectively target competitive market segments, they needed insights on how C-suite procurement decision makers chose creative agencies for their business needs. The professionals needed to have deep expertise in contracting vendors in areas spanning branding and design, customer experience, digital transformation, and new product development.


NewtonX surveys 100 top executives

NewtonX Surveyed and Analyzed 120 Top-Level Executives

In 10 days, NewtonX surveyed 120 C-suite executives working for companies generating $200M+ in revenue across 6 industries — covering finance, retail, technology, travel, automotive, and healthcare — and 3 geographic markets, including North America, Europe, and Asia. The senior decision makers detailed their organization’s growth goals, budget allocations, and priorities considered in vendor selection. The survey also provided competitive benchmarking insights on how prospects perceived the agency against competitors, from boutique to global consultancies.

The client then selected 12 respondents for in depth interviews to probe into trends from the quantitative data. After data collection, we charted the themes and delivered project insights into a final report with actionable takeaways.


C-suite executives surveyed and interviewed across 6 industries

NewtonX can find just about any B2B sample with high-level titles. They absolutely got the quant and qual sample I needed.

Niche insights to help with brand positioning

Our Client Optimized Their Brand Positioning with Niche Insights

Empowered by deep insights at scale, our client identified the needs and priorities of executives in charge of contracting creative advisory consultancies. As a result, they adjusted their brand positioning and marketing strategy to gain an edge over competitors.

Moreover, the new marketing strategy further boosted our client’s existing industry reputation as a leading global creative agency. They are on track to outperform their last quarter’s 15% revenue growth. This growth is thanks to the new clients they’ve attracted across Fortune 500 companies in retail, wellness, automotive, and the financial service sectors. 

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