PRNewswire: NewtonX Launches the NewtonX Knowledge Graph

March 23, 2021

The NewtonX Graph identifies the exact audience for clients' business questions and every professional is 100% verified, so they can ground their work in true expertise and make strides with confidence.

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– Leveraging AI and Machine Learning, Company’s Multi-Query Search Engine Enables Precision Identification of over 1.1 Billion Niche Experts Across All Industries

– Allows Companies to De-Risk Business-Critical Decision Making, Allowing Confidence – not Bad Data – to Drive Businesses Forward

– Delivers Unparalleled Rigor in Vetting Professionals’ Subject Matter Expertise

NEW YORK, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NewtonX, the world’s leading B2B research company, today unveiled its NewtonX Knowledge Graph, which gives companies the ability to find and engage with hard-to-find high-quality, high-caliber professionals. The only company in the market that can guarantee professionals have been ID-, background-, and subject matter expertise-checked, NewtonX helps companies make business-critical decisions regarding their products, services, pricing, or marketing innovations, understanding the voice of the customer, and competitive benchmarks. At the heart of the company’s unique market approach is the NewtonX Knowledge Graph which taps into an open network of over 1.1 billion global professionals across 140 industries. The power of vetted, first-hand knowledge is finally at the fingertips of business leaders and B2B researchers.

Traditional B2B market research relies primarily on consumer-oriented panels whose participants too often don’t fit the specific job or knowledge expertise that is needed in B2B research. This inevitably leads to fraudulent, imprecise, and incorrect data. According to Experian, 98% of professionals see having high-quality data as either “extremely important” or “important” in achieving their business objectives, and yet today only 51% of professionals consider the current state of their data to be clean and fully able to be leveraged. Experian also found that 30-40% of data sold today is thrown away, and in some cases, 73% of it goes unused in analytics. Market research is considered the virtuous path forward to making decisions based on fact rather than gut, and yet the current state of the market research industry leaves those in the B2B world wanting for – and deserving of – much more.

Data is gold in today’s business environment, but too many organizations are getting fools’ gold in their B2B research.

The NewtonX Knowledge Graph is at the core of NewtonX’s challenge to the status quo of the traditional B2B market research industry, helping innovative clients accurately rely on market insight to inform data-driven decision making. Most highly credentialed subject matter experts possess knowledge that they can – and want to – impart to others. The Knowledge Graph allows clients to ask hyper-specific queries to a large number of professionals in any field and to get vetted, accurate responses and data quickly. That is the superpower of NewtonX: the ability to find any professional in any industry to answer any business question

Rather than just recruiting from an existing panel, NewtonX is using an innovative method called Custom Recruiting, a process that enables real-time identification, contacting and vetting of specific professionals to ensure relevant professionals deliver high-quality answers. It is the best path to the highest quality professional insights but doing so manually takes too much time. The NewtonX Knowledge Graph leverages natural language processing and Elasticsearch to filter the most relevant professionals to the top of the list, helping customers get exactly who they need to speak with faster and with 0% fraud. The NewtonX Knowledge Graph gets smarter with each activity on the platform, building associations and relationships between fields with each interaction, increasing speed to insight time with each client engagement.

NewtonX customers make recommendations based on data that is not flawed or half-baked, resulting in confident, fact-based business decisions that accelerate innovation and possibility. Past insights range from determining the market size of quantum computing in 2025 for IBM, to assessing large advertisers’ perception of the YouTube advertising platform, understanding best practices in crisis management for the oil industry, to the most likely color palettes at the Paris fashion show for a global luxury brand.

“Information is the lifeblood of innovation, but much of the data we collect today lacks the accuracy needed for educated decision making,” said Germain Chastel, co-founder and CEO of NewtonX. “Data is gold in today’s business environment, but many organizations are used to getting fools’ gold in their B2B research. Verification and vetting are the pillars of trust and that’s what the NewtonX Knowledge Graph delivers.”

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