NewtonX Current: What everybody really thinks about the future of work

July 13, 2021

Based on the incredible feedback we received from our inaugural NewtonX Current, in partnership with Fortune, we're expanding the report to answer the one question on everyone's mind: what does everybody else think about the future of work?

There’s something for everyone in this report. Get your key questions answered.

For Business Leaders in Finance, HR and Research: 

  1. Learn how to navigate leadership and employee expectations on hybrid work and vaccine passports. 
  2. Get insights on how people work when they’re in the office will change.
  3. Understand what 150 c-suite leaders think about future needs for office space


For Decision-makers in Commercial Real Estate:

  1. Learn what CFOs, CHROs and employees think about office space requirements and how work will change when they are in the office. 
  2. Get the facts from our survey of 150 C-suite leaders, all 100% ID-verified. 
  3. Download the enhanced NewtonX Current to align your business strategy with the needs of your clients and future tenants.


For senior leaders responsible for research and insights for their organizations:

  1. How NewtonX can source 75 CFOs + 82 CHROs and employees in a few weeks.
  2. Leading example of a NewtonX deliverable that includes a senior decision-maker survey + consulting insights deliverable.
  3. Download the report to see an example of how NewtonX delivers insights and where business leaders and employees differ on the future of work.

In our first-ever NewtonX Current with Fortune we unpack what CFOs really think about the return to work, exploring the post-pandemic recovery, shifting workplace models, the struggle and opportunities of remote work, and much more. You can check out the full case study with Fortune here, and access the webinar recording here.

For now, we turn our attention to the rest of the organization outside of the CFO’s office. Initially, we thought the CFO report would paint a comprehensive picture of how the entire organization felt about return to work, but we wanted to validate this assumption seeking to expand the survey to CHROs and adjacent business leaders. 

The results were surprising. We learned that CFOs and CHROs in fact do have significant differences in their approach to return to office.

From vaccine passports, to workforce flexibility, to culture building and more, we get down to brass tacks unpacking the core differences in how CFOs, CHROs, and the rest of the enterprise view the future of work. 

NewtonX Current: What everybody thinks about the future of work

This edition of NewtonX Current examines the post pandemic financial recovery and broader implications of return to work on DEI, technology, and innovation from the perspectives of CHROs and relevant business leaders. It’s a comparative look at the first NewtonX Current we conducted with Fortune that unpacks specifically how Finance Chiefs think and feel about the future of work. Access the CFO report here.


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