The Office Research Edition | Episode 3: Battle of the Vendors

November 8, 2023

Head of Research Michael kicks off a new company holiday: Procurement day! Just kidding, we still have to work.

Customer obsession, creative thinking, and stakeholder wars…sounds like another day as a researcher. Introducing The Office: Research Edition. This one’s for all the insights leaders in the room. We’ve worked with 400 teams and we’ve seen our fair share of dirty data—as well as the ingenuity it takes to deliver value through it all. Sign up here to receive the 3-episode limited run series in your inbox.




Michael, the Head of Research, stands at the front of the conference room in a gladiator costume.



Good morning, VibeByte! Today will be momentous. We’re introducing a new company holiday: Procurement Day. (team groans) Now why is this exciting? Because we’re kicking off the The Battle of the B2B Research Vendors!

My top researchers — Jim, Dwight, Karen, Darryl — can you ask our vendors to submit retainer proposals for the next fiscal year? Jan’s been pushing me on reducing our spend. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.


The Office Research Edition Episode 3 | Cutting Spend



Michael, I already have a list of our go-to vendors. They’re way cheaper than the one Darryl uses, and we’ve been doing fine with them. 



…until fine gets you fired. Why don’t you share those open ends, Karen? Less money also yields mo’ problems.


Karen films a solo sidebar: Darryl doesn’t know this but Jan and I laugh at trash open ends together at the batting cage every weekend. No problems here.


The Office Research Edition Episode 3 | Poor Quality



Here’s a thought: maybe we should also loop in the research operations team to consult on timelines.



Yes, Jim, remember that time you “forgot” to ‘cc me on an email and you got your revolutionary insights…3 months after the product launched?



Michael, I’ve been using AI-powered sentiment analysis to analyze data at scale. I’m on the waitlist to get a chip inserted into my brain so I can instantly interpret any data I look at within 10 seconds. We’ll save millions in no time.


Jim films a solo sidebar: Dwight doesn’t know that The Super Secret Intelligence Lab offering free chip implantations is from…yours truly. AI’s here to help, but we still need to translate insights into our stakeholders’ language. 

The Office Research Edition Episode 3 | Translate insights



Michael, good doesn’t come cheap. We need a partner like NewtonY who can be an extension of our team. They sent my daughter a Paddington bear, and she won’t let go of it, even after I’ve spent $300 on stuffies she won’t accept. Then a treat from my vendor saves the day? It’s gotta be a sign.



I can’t decide, settle this yourselves! Jim, what do you think?



Pam, you’ve known the answer all along, haven’t you?



I’ve got blind A/B test data that compares traditional panel providers with vendors who verify 100% of their professionals. The evidence is clear – we should go with NewtonY.

The Office Research Edition Episode 3 | Vendor A/B Test



Fantastic choice, Pam! NewtonY it is. 


As the team settles on their primary retainer vendor, they continue their work, leaving the Battle of the Vendors behind—for now. In the world of B2B research, the battles never truly end.





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