NewtonX launches NewtonX Prime, its expert intelligence platform equipping leading investors with their edge

July 11, 2023

Instant access to surveys and transcripts replaces time-consuming expert calls with industry intelligence at scale.

Originally released through PR Newswire on July 11, 2023.

NEW YORK (July 11, 2023)—Today, leading B2B market research company NewtonX officially launches NewtonX Prime, an expert intelligence platform for smarter investing. It offers the scale of a survey, with the depth of an expert interview, at the speed of a search engine. Investors can now harness the power of primary data at scale to verify hypotheses and make quicker, more confident decisions. 

“The markets are in a perfect storm,” said Sascha Eder, co-founder and CEO, NewtonX. “After a pandemic, signs of recession and reactive macroeconomic trends, markets are more uncertain than ever. Good data sources are imperative. And yet, primary business data at scale has not previously been accessible until NewtonX Prime. A product like this is essential for organizations who want to maintain their market advantage in the years to come.”

As the ultimate distillation of proprietary—and compliant—intelligence, NewtonX Prime enables real-time discovery and deployment of 100% verified expertise, a promise backed since NewtonX’s founding in 2016. 

NewtonX Prime is led by seasoned executives from the financial services space, including Head of Content and Compliance Khang Nguyen (Tegus, Gamut, McKinsey), RVP Aarti Desai (AlphaSense, S&P Capital IQ, FactSet), and Hedge Fund Lead Thomas O’Connor (Lightkeeper, Charles River Development, Coleman Research).

“Investors face increasing pressure to arrive at an answer quickly, but too often, they’ve been forced to rely on anecdotal or convenient data which could lead them in the wrong direction. This ultimately forces a choice of, ‘do I want something now?’ or ‘do I want something good?’ With NewtonX Prime, there’s no more tradeoff between speed and certainty,” Eder said.

NewtonX’s mission has always been to democratize access to business insights for the B2B community—something the company is now more fully able to realize through NewtonX Prime. As revealed by Eder: “Now, via the literal click of a few buttons, any investor or business leader can access instant insights to inform their next bold move.”  

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About NewtonX: 

NewtonX is the world’s leading B2B research company delivering primary research at scale by fielding large-scale quantitative surveys, facilitating qualitative interviews, engaging in long-term consultations and creating customized research plans. 

To do this, we use the most sophisticated search engine in the research industry – the NewtonX Knowledge Graph. It’s a proprietary, AI-driven search that scans 1.1 billion professionals across 140 industries to find the exact person to answer any kind of question. We ensure every professional is 100% verified and all information passes our rigorous compliance standards, so investors can gather proprietary data in confidence. 

NewtonX partners with the world’s top investors, including hedge funds, private equity, venture capital firms, and institutional managers. Together with our clients, we’re ushering in the next generation of insights for the buy side.

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