How NewtonX grew a publisher’s higher education revenue

A leading academic publisher wanted to understand their customers’ needs for MBA students. They turned to NewtonX to target 50 professionals in one of the most notoriously difficult demographics in B2B research: senior-level academic professionals.


Bar chart depicting growth


The challenge of staying competitive in a changing academic marketplace

In an evolving academic environment, our client was encountering trouble with staying competitive with their MBA curriculum offerings. This was coupled with a rapid increase in the number of MBA programs offered globally. Online MBAs in particular saw an 85% increase in programs between 2017 and 2021. The client needed a B2B market research agency that could identify the right professionals and help craft a survey that would gather competitive insights they could leverage to develop their offerings – and cash in on the increased market demand.


Solving a maze


NewtonX developed and fielded a survey for 50 senior-level scholars in just 5 days

NewtonX was the only B2B market research partner that our client could find who could guarantee results for this difficult demographic. Using our team’s expertise in survey design, NewtonX helped craft a screener and survey that would collect strategic insights on MBA curriculum needs from deans, department chairs, and senior scholars. Over the course of only 5 days, we Custom Recruited and surveyed 50 targeted higher education professionals using our proprietary NewtonX Graph – scanning thousands of potential respondents for the best fits. We delivered this fraud-free data from 100% verified professionals to our client.


senior education administration professionals surveyed in 5 days

Newton X is an invaluable resource for our growth-oriented business strategy when we require competitive knowledge of our clients’ needs.




The insights from NewtonX helped our client develop curriculum offerings sold to dozens of new MBA programs

Direct findings from administrators and scholars fueled our client’s development of multiple new and innovative MBA curriculums they can offer. Armed with strategic insights from the research, the client broke ground with dozens of new clients – many of which are in the rapidly growing Online MBA sector. The success of this study allows them to expand their presence in the MBA curriculum marketplace and maintain their dominance in the academic publishing industry.

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