How we harnessed elite management insight to bridge disconnects between executive vision and operational execution

Bridging the disconnect between vision and execution

Executional excellence is a priority many CEOs and Operational leaders strive towards. But for many senior leaders, creating a culture of alignment and execution is a significant challenge. We were tapped by a Top Market Research company to find elite-caliber senior leaders to help solve the strategy-execution disconnect.


Finding first-class operational and corporate strategy thought leaders

To pinpoint senior executes at large-scale enterprises, we utilized the NewtonX graph to scan a pool of 100,000+ SVP/C-suite equivalents across China, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and India. Through creative dynamic channel recruiting, such as online ads, professional networks and referrals, we honed in on 200 of the most qualified and lauded Strategy and Operations professionals and quickly transitioned into insight delivery.


SVP/C-Suite professionals

Driving business expansion through data-driven, expert insights

With the insights harnessed from our experts, our client was able to sustainably expand a core consulting offering aimed to drive executive alignment and transformation at large-scale enterprises.

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