Celebrating Insight250 Award Honoree, NewtonX CEO Sascha Eder

July 28, 2023

We’re delighted to announce that Sascha Eder, NewtonX CEO and Co-founder has been selected as a winner of the Insight250 award. Presented by ESOMAR, Insight250 annually celebrates the worldwide pioneers, leaders and innovators in market research, data-driven marketing and insights. The Insight250 presents a unique view into academic, enterprise, agency, technology, media and association data-driven leaders around the globe.

“Championing those who lead and innovate our profession is essential. The Insight250 spotlights these industry superstars across the globe.” —Crispin Beale, CEO of Insight250


Sascha Eder, Insight250 award winner


About the award

Over the past four decades, mTab has been at the epicenter of market research and data-driven marketing with a unique perspective on worldwide leadership and innovation across the industry. To celebrate the pioneers and innovators we launched the Insight250 in 2021, a ‘who’s who’ of academic, enterprise, agency, technology, consulting and media leaders in research and insights.

The selection process is conducted with ESOMAR, a premier global market research association, and reviews a spectrum of candidate dimensions, including professional experience, academic accomplishments, published research, thought leadership, industry involvement, insight innovations and sector accolades, among others. https://www.insight250.com/ 


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