Introducing: Building The Board Ready CMO in B2B

June 18, 2024

NewtonX and Transmission release exclusive insights on how CMOs can play a key role in winning boards of the future

NEW YORK (June 18, 2024) — Today, B2B research company NewtonX and B2B marketing agency Transmission proudly announce the release of their latest report, “Building the Board Ready CMO in B2B.” This comprehensive study features exclusive primary research conducted with over 320 CMOs and six private and public board members, covering both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

CMOs and Board Representation: A Surprising Gap

The report reveals a surprising statistic: less than 3% of public board members have a marketing background. Comparatively, it’s statistically easier to secure a place in the Goldman Sachs summer internship program (15%) or gain entry to the New York Marathon (5%) than to be invited to join a B2B board. Despite this, 62% of B2B CMOs globally aspire to serve on a public, private, or advisory board within the next 3-5 years. Yet, only 8% of them feel confident about actually securing a board position.

The Evolving Role of the B2B CMO

Based on recent NewtonX research, the B2B CMO role has evolved to lead digital transformation and drive organizational growth through cross-functional collaboration. However, boardrooms have been slow to reflect this expanded CMO role and its strategic alignment.

Empowering Boardroom Presence

From Jackie Cutrone, NewtonX CMO: “The research highlights reasons why CMOs lack board presence but also provides guidance for CMOs to attain board positions commensurate with their broadened remit. We believe that CMOs with the right GTM strategy can play a key role in those winning boards of the future and deliver a greater percentage of annual revenue growth, profitability and market share compared to the boards who exclude them.” 

From Vanessa Cheal, Transmission Head of Brand Services and Creative Planning, EMEA: “At Transmission, we’re deeply invested in the success of B2B marketing leaders. We quickly realized there was a natural fit for partnership because NewtonX specializes exclusively in B2B research and insights, and together we could tell this story with an insights-first approach. With this proprietary research, marketing leaders can position themselves for success with the board and throughout their organizations.”

Positioning Marketing Leaders for Success

Armed with insights from this proprietary research, marketing leaders can effectively position themselves for success, whether aiming for a board seat or excelling in their executive roles.

NewtonX and Transmission are committed to supporting CMOs in navigating these challenges and positioning themselves and their teams as key growth drivers.

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