Knowledge Haystack Webinar Series: Sept 28th at 1pm EST / 10am PST

[Webinar] Is an MROC right for you? 3 use cases that are perfect for research communities

Join NewtonX Sr. Product Marketing Manager Jimmy Coonan and FuelCycle VP of Research & Insights Kevin Row to learn if an MROC is right for your business needs, and how to use creative methods to keep B2B professionals engaged in short and long-term communities.

Market research online communities (MROCs) can surface deep business insights beyond what surveys or interviews alone can offer. Yet when B2B audiences are busy with competing personal and professional priorities, how do you keep them engaged over a long-term study? In this session of The Knowledge Haystack on September 28th at 1pm EST / 10am PST, Fuel Cycle and NewtonX are teaming up to share best practices around running MROCs, drawn from Fortune 500 case studies. 


  • How to determine if an MROC is right for your product launch, customer acquisition goals, and other relevant use cases
  • Selecting the most effective activities like surveys, polls, discussion forums, and focus groups to uncover clear, actionable insights
  • Utilizing creative methods to keep professionals engaged in short and long-term communities

Meet the speakers

Jimmy Coonan, NewtonX

Jimmy Coonan

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Kevin Row

Kevin Row

VP, Research Science