[Webinar] Demo expert intelligence platform NewtonX Prime

For investors: Access expert knowledge at scale through surveys and transcripts, automatically visualize your data, and de-risk every decision. Join the next monthly session led by Aarti Desai, RVP of Financial Services.

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Need faster insights for investment decisions? Tired of marking up call transcripts?

Welcome to NewtonX Prime: The only platform that gives investors an edge via instant access to expert surveys and transcripts.

Investors face increasing pressure to arrive at an answer quickly, but too often, you’ve been forced to rely on anecdotal or convenient data which could lead you in the wrong direction. This ultimately forces a choice of, ‘do I want something now?’ or ‘do I want something good?’ With NewtonX Prime, there’s no more tradeoff between speed and certainty.

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  • Access expert surveys and transcripts at scale, across verticals
  • Export instantly visualized charts, powered by AI-powered data aggregation
  • Find fully compliant data that de-risks decisions while enabling you to be first to market

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Meet the speakers

Aarti Desai, NewtonX

Aarti Desai

RVP, Financial Services