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  • Reddit users that visit Reddit for NSFW content
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Our CATI survey research services

Computer assisted telephone interviewing speeds up the data collection element of traditional interviews. While you, or your expert CATI interviewer, connect with your respondents human-to-human, your customized CATI survey simultaneously organizes and analyzes their replies. 

Data collection and recording is all done digitally, securing accuracy and allowing your interviewers to remain focused on building rapport with their interviewees. The CATI survey software automatically presents the next appropriate question, based on respondents’ previous replies. This maximizes the efficiency of each interview and shows respect for your respondents’ time. In the right context, a CATI survey has all the benefits of a live interview with a real person, without the time-consuming data entry follow-up. 

Our wide-ranging expertise means that if a CATI survey isn’t the best way to find your answers, or you’ll benefit from a combination of research methodologies, we can advise you accordingly. 

NewtonX uses custom recruiting to find the best professionals to answer your questions and use a two-step process to ensure 100% verification. As your market research partner, we’ll take you through the whole CATI study – from translating business needs into research specs, to presenting you with fully analyzed, actionable insights.

Strategy & Planning

  • Research strategy design
  • Screener design 
  • Interview guide questions
  • Survey questionnaire design: survey draft creation
  • Custom survey styling


  • Survey recruitment
  • Survey programming, coding, and hosting
  • Survey test (QA)
  • Survey fielding
  • Data consolidation & cleaning
  • Raw data extract

Data Analysis

  • Insight synthesis & analysis
  • RIM weighting (Random Iterative Method)
  • Crosstab analysis
  • Conjoint analysis


  • Automated charting
  • Manual charting
  • Top-line reports
  • High-level report or presentation
  • Extended full report or presentation draft
  • Key insights
  • Hypothesis testing
  • White labeling

What is a CATI survey?

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What are the benefits of CATI surveys?

CATI surveys offer several advantages for researchers and organizations seeking to gather data and insights:


CATI surveys are often more cost-effective than in-person interviews. They eliminate travel expenses associated with face-to-face data collection, making them a budget-friendly option for research projects.

Quick Data Collection

CATI surveys allow for rapid data collection. Interviewers can reach a large number of respondents within a relatively short time frame, making them ideal for studies that require timely information.

High Data Accuracy

CATI software enforces consistency in question delivery and data entry. This reduces the likelihood of human error, ensuring high data accuracy. Skip patterns and built-in logic further enhance data quality.

Random Sampling

CATI surveys can use random sampling techniques to select respondents. This helps ensure that survey results are representative of the target population, increasing the generalizability of findings.

Structured Questioning

CATI surveys employ structured questionnaires that are administered consistently to all respondents. This standardization minimizes interviewer bias and allows for easy comparison of responses.

Ease of Data Management

All survey responses are stored electronically, simplifying data management and analysis. Researchers can quickly access, clean, and process survey data for meaningful insights.

Flexible Survey Design

CATI software offers flexibility in survey design. Researchers can easily modify questionnaires, add skip patterns, or incorporate complex branching logic as needed, allowing for customization to meet specific research objectives.

Higher Response Rates

CATI surveys typically yield higher response rates compared to other remote survey methods like online surveys. Skilled interviewers can engage respondents and address their concerns, encouraging participation.

Multilingual Capabilities

CATI surveys can be conducted in multiple languages, making them suitable for research in diverse regions or among multicultural populations.

Quality Control

CATI surveys come with built-in quality control mechanisms. Supervisors can monitor interviews in real time, ensuring adherence to survey protocols and interviewer training.

Real-Time Monitoring

Researchers can track survey progress in real time, allowing them to make adjustments as needed. If certain demographic groups are underrepresented, for example, additional efforts can be made to reach them.

Complex Survey Types

CATI surveys are suitable for conducting a wide range of surveys, including customer satisfaction assessments, market research, political polling, and more.

CATI vs CAWI Methods

management consulting

How CATI surveys work?

CATI surveys are a powerful tool for collecting data through telephone interviews. They combine the advantages of telephone surveys with the efficiency of computer technology. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how CATI surveys work:

Sample Selection

Researchers start by selecting a representative sample of individuals or businesses they want to survey. This sample should be carefully chosen to reflect the target population they are interested in studying.

Questionnaire Development

A structured questionnaire is created, tailored to the research objectives. This questionnaire typically includes a series of questions related to demographics, preferences, opinions, or behaviors. CATI software allows for the inclusion of skip patterns, branching, and complex logic.

Programming the CATI Software

The questionnaire is then programmed into CATI software. This software plays a crucial role in managing the survey process. It guides interviewers through the questionnaire, ensuring that questions are asked consistently and in the correct order.

Interviewer Training

Interviewers, who are often skilled in communication and trained on the survey’s objectives, use the CATI software to conduct interviews. They dial phone numbers from the sample, introduce themselves, and request the respondent’s participation.

Data Collection

During the interview, the interviewer reads the questions to the respondent and records their answers directly into the CATI software. The software may provide prompts, answer choices, and predefined codes to assist the interviewer. This real-time data entry reduces the risk of errors and ensures data accuracy.

Call Management

CATI software manages call scheduling, tracks call outcomes (e.g., completed interviews, refusals, callbacks), and maintains contact lists. Interviewers can make multiple attempts to reach respondents, ensuring a higher response rate.

Data Storage and Analysis

As interviews progress, respondent answers are stored electronically in a structured database. Once data collection is complete, researchers can easily retrieve, clean, and analyze the data using statistical tools and software. CATI surveys provide structured, quantifiable data that can be transformed into valuable insights.

Quality Control

CATI surveys include mechanisms for quality control, such as call recording and monitoring. Supervisors can review interviews to ensure compliance with survey protocols and interviewer training.


Researchers can generate comprehensive reports based on the survey data, helping organizations make informed decisions, identify trends, and address specific research questions.

What are the challenges of CATI surveys?

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