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Institutional Investors

Industry Overview

Through both volatile and steady markets, investors demand performance. Institutional investors require timely, high quality insights to gain an edge over the market.

Leading private equity, public equity, and venture capital firms must constantly source prescient perspectives to move faster than the speed of market innovation. Staying competitive and finding proprietary insights requires deep research at speed and scale, across a wide range of industry ecosystems. 

As the world’s leading B2B research company, NewtonX is the partner of choice for institutional investors seeking to outperform the market and deliver results for their stakeholders. With access to over 1.1 billion professionals, our NewtonX Knowledge Graph pinpoints the exact professionals you need for your most toughest business challenges. We design and deliver surveys, 1:1 consultations, and end-to-end strategic advisory services to answer your most pressing questions to get up to speed on niche topics while maximizing your research spend. Our insights empower your organization to be consistent agents of change amidst unpredictable markets. 


Industry Challenges

  1. Sourcing deep due diligence from a wide pool of knowledge
  2. Finding contrarian perspectives and companies with competitive edges
  3. Maintaining portfolio health and performance
  4. Hiring and retaining diverse talent



Client Impact


Private equity firm validates investment thesis with NewtonX insights

How a top private equity firm validated their investment thesis with NewtonX insights



Financial services competitive intelligence with Fortune 1000 CFOs

Delivering financial services competitive intelligence with 15 Fortune 1000 CFOs



Identifying 10 blockchain experts for a venture capital firm

How we identified the world’s 10 founding blockchain experts for a leading venture capital firm





The next generation of insights for hedge funds

The next generation of insights for hedge funds



How expert surveys power your edge in due diligence

How expert surveys power your edge in due diligence

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