How we helped an EdTech giant surmount new challenges posed by remote learning

Our survey gave our client the insights they needed to scale up their cloud computing operations.

Ensuring continuity of learning as educators and students adapt to remote education

As educators continue to adapt to distance learning, EdTech serves a promising bridge to bridge the gap between student engagement and remote education. But the rapid pivot towards remote learning has created new challenges for EdTech providers that have been forced to hyperscale cloud operations in a race to ensure educational continuity.


Our work centered on a 22-quota survey delivered at pace across most of North America

Our engagement consisted of 450 survey responses completed in just two weeks, as well as 22 quotas across a variety of school types and degree programs that spanned across North America.

20 quotas

Covering 8% of North America

Creating future-proof educational solutions

The insights we uncovered from the engagement has enabled our client to effectively scale up their cloud computing operations to meet the needs of today’s educators and students. Our work informed how to drive stronger student engagement, enhance information delivery, reinforce the human element in distance learning and more. Looking forward, our client is poised for continued impact as remote and hybrid learning become more valuable to society.

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